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The Dream Center

Project: By Daniel Nix

Project Overview | Daniel Nix

The Dream Center will break ground in September of 2020. The project is broken down into three phases. Each phase is designed to create a sustainable operation and to help reshape the lives of young entrepreneurial minded individuals.

The Dream Center

An inpatient faith driven counseling center designed to help mentor and disciple to young entrepreneurial minded individuals. A 6 month program that educates, inspires, and reshapes the lives of teens subjected to unfortunate circumstances. The guests of the Dream Center leave with the knowledge required to turn thoughts into things and live out their biggest dreams.

  • Mentorship
  • Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Spiritual Guidence

Our counselors may work in a variety of environments providing care in the area of mental health to individuals with mental illnesses, disorders, or imbalances. They assist patients in setting goals, using strengths-based techniques, and maintaining their mental health. Aside from practicing counseling, our licensed professional counselors will be responsible for the maintenance of records relating to therapy. They function as a counselor, case manager, consultant, and educator while providing therapy.

Our psychologists will evaluate patients, diagnose, and relieve psychological issues; these issues may be due to the mental state of the patient or the environment and situations he/she has been facing. Objective evaluations should be carried out in order to determine the problems and what sort of care should be provided. Common issues that may be addressed include depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

Our team of pastors, business moguls, and counselors will participate in reshaping the lives of young entrepreneurial minded individuals that were raised in unfortunate circumstances. The guests will live on campus for 6 months and learn what they need to succeed in life and achieve their wildest dreams.

More about The Dream Center

All great things in this world started as a thought. That is exactly what the Dream Center is now. A thought of a brighter future for teens that grow up in unfortunate circumstances. It is true when they say “Knowledge is Power” but not all children have the blessing of generational education and culture within their family. Sometimes the circumstances prevent brilliant minds from changing the world. The Dream Center is designed to target individuals that otherwise wouldn’t have access to mentorship. With a focus on christian values the goal of the Dream Center is to reshape the lives of it’s guests. The inpatient program is designed to last 6 months and create an atmosphere of ambition, structure, hope, truth, and purpose. Each guest will have his/her own mission statement that is created in the first week of the program. They will have a customized schedule geared to achieve one simple goal and that is to equip the guest with the skills and knowledge necessary to live out their biggest dreams.

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