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“Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

- Robert Frost

To achieve that which others believe to be impossible, you must first clearly define your goals and develop a vision for your success. Motivation does not simply “manifest,” and the question of passion comes into play—what drives you, ignites you, or fuels your fire? Will the prospect of your future successes be able to withstand the trials of time, and the tests that come with it? When finances are tight, the struggles seem “too real,” and the demands of your life begin to weigh down on past idealism and potential, will you be courageous enough to find a solution and lift yourself up in the process?

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Nix the world

A good foundation for business begins with an idea and a strong process—a formula for how to fulfill its purpose with ingenuity. But what is more important than any formula is the reason that it functions at all--that purpose is the driving force for achievement; within you is everything you need to pursue your greatest ambitions, you just have to learn how to access that reservoir of determination.

Status: Active   Involvement: Full-time
Name: Daniel Nix   Title: CEO & Founder

Developed to assist real estate agents in showcasing available properties through the creation of their websites, landing pages, and SEO, QuickTours helps manage the presentation of property videos, among other integrative features.

  • Legal Formation - August 3rd, 2016
  • First Beta User - August 22nd, 2016
  • First Broker Partner - December 2nd, 2017
  • 100 Paying Users - March 11th, 2018
  • 2,500 Users - September 4th, 2018
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Status: Sold  Involvement: Full-Time
Name: Daniel Nix   Title: CEO & Founder

Providing unparalleled access to aerial cinematography, Spectra Sight Drone Services captures the world in a pristine 8.3 million pixels--four times that of a standard HDTV. By focusing its lens on effective yet aesthetic perspectives, Spectra Sight is able to gorgeously transmit a literal overview of strategic approaches for construction sites, residential developments, and other commercial construction ventures.

  • Founded - July 2015
  • 300 Clients Served - December 2015
  • Expansion From Tulsa to Dallas - Mar 22nd, 2016
  • Company Sold - August 1st, 2016
Status: Sold  Involvement: Advisor
Name: Daniel Nix   Title: Co-Founder

This locally-sourced experience offers its food services in the form of delicious desserts at family-fun events while supporting non-profit organizations with Christian values.

  • Grand Opening - Jun 24th, 2014
  • Award "Best in the World" - August, 2014
  • Launches Java/Coffee Product - Dec, 2015
  • Totals 6 Active Locations - June 2017
  • Over $30,000 Raised for Charities - June 2018
  • Sold - 2018
Status: Sold Shares  Involvement: Full-time
Name: Daniel Nix   Title: Producer & Co-Owner

Online education platform Thrive15 teaches veteran and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as “in-trepreneurs”--entrepreneurial-minded people who work within an organization--how to start and grow successful businesses.

  • Joined - September 11st, 2013
  • Beta Launch - May 1st, 2014
  • Launches Out of Beta - February 1st, 2015
  • Sold Shares - 2016
Status: Sold  Involvement: Full-time
Name: Daniel Nix   Title: Owner/Operator

This brick and mortar location for the popular, ever-growing game of disk golf offers all the necessary components for any player or team to get started. From equipment and tutorials to the expansive space to play the game itself--all disk golf needs can be found here.

  • Purchased - 2011
  • First Tournament - August 24th, 2011
  • Sold - January 2013
Daniel Nix Businessman - Earthling
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There’s always a new problem to solve. The to-do-list is never-ending and you’re up for the challenge. While solving problems in your business is fun and exciting, so is having a LIFE. In my articles, I will be discussing topics in both business and life.

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